The craft beer available to Craft Drinking Ticket Holders will be predominantly donated by home brewers, which basically means it wasn’t brewed on a commercial level but rather on a home brewing system. By using a smaller system home brewers are able to be more experimental with their recipes. At Ales for Tails there will be over 50 exciting flavours of beer to taste that you will never get anywhere else. The bulk of the brewers belong to the Durban Homebrewers association.

Durban Homebrewers

Durban Homebrewers began their journey a little over 2 years ago when a hand full of like-minded beer lovers decided to start meeting regularly to discuss their beers and brewing techniques. Now with over 80 active members, it was only natural that the group would look for a challenge to push their skills, and the opportunity to contribute to the SPCA enthusiastically received.

Meetings are held on a monthly basis at various craft beer friendly venues in and around Durban, with quarterly brewing competitions setting the stage for some truly amazing brews to come forth. With numbers growing on a weekly basis, newcomers with fresh input or a thirst for knowledge are always welcome. If you would like more information about the Durban Homebrewers or if you would be interested in becoming a member please email us on

Vote for the Best Home Brew

On arrival Craft Beer ticket holders will all be given a menu of the beers on offer for the day. Beers can be poured in volumes of 100ml (R6.25), 200ml (R12.50) or 400ml (R25.00) so there is an opportunity to sample as many different types of beer as possible. At the end of the day you will be asked to vote for your favourite beer and the winning brewer will be rewarded with prizes donated by the following generous sponsors:

Commercial Brewery Guests

To be announced shortly.