Greetings you freaking legend 🙂 Super amped to spend a rad day raising funds with you! If you’ve found us but not 100% sure what we do please check out this video.

Planning for the 2024 event is well under way and stoked to return to its home at the Kloof SPCA paddocks again this year. The goal is to reach our record amount of pledges which was 73 in 2018.

Brewers will get a drinking ticket and R100 voucher to Beyond Brewing per pledge (18 litres) – and hopefully some other goodies depending on sponsors. If you’d like a buddy/partner to join you for the day you will need to donate a brew on their behalf or they’ll need to buy a ticket. Brewers are also encouraged to pledge more than one batch where possible – each pledge has the potential of raising R1,500 so the more the merrier! I understand the financial restraints being experienced at the moment so just ask that you dig as deep as you can. A huge shout out to the cool dudes at Beyond Brewing for sponsoring the vouchers.

There’ll be a competition for best brews where the 3 most popular beers voted by the public will win prizes. These are the current prizes:

  • First place – 19L Kegland Corny keg (R2200 Beyond Brewing) and R250 voucher (BevPlus)
  • Second place – 30L FermZilla (R1100 Beyond Brewing) and R250 voucher (BevPlus)
  • Third place – complete 8L Oxbar PET keg. (R420 Beyond Brewing)

The winner will also take away a the trophy the “Adrian Garrett Trophy”. For those that don’t know, this year the Durban Home Brewers lost one of our founding members and an absolute legend. So Ales for Tails is proud to remember our friendly giant by naming the trophy after him. (he’s the epic dude pictured in the right of the image above)

This year we’ll also be asking home brewers from other parts of the country to pledge and hopefully join us for the day. If you’re local and have a spare room please let us know, and if you need somewhere to stay please also tune us in the form!

Bottles are welcome to pour from so if you aren’t kegging yet it’s not a problem.

Important Info:

Venue: Kloof & Highway SPCA paddocks
Date: Saturday 3 August 2024
Set up time: Arrive 8 – 8.30am to be set up by 10am.
Event starts at 11am and ends at 6pm
Application Deadline: 13 July
(but the earlier the better for planning purposes)

So to take part in the upcoming event simply complete the form below. Brewers will be added to a WhatsApp group once applications have been finalised. I’ll also be in touch via email for setup info etc as needed.

Thanks so much for your pledge and support! Looking forward to an awesome day raising a butt load of cash for our fury buddies.


Warren & the Kloof & Highway SPCA

Required to add you to the WhatsApp group
Brewery name or club if not Durban Homebrewers
Can be confirmed later
Can be confirmed later
Can be confirmed later
Can be confirmed later
Beers need to be able to be poured in taster sized portions.
A station will be made up of 4-6 x 18lt brews and each station will have a 3x3m (gazebo sized) area to work from. Brewers will be allocated into suitable stations closer to the time. It is recommended that each station has an area to serve from (bar/table), chairs for pourers, a gazebo/shelter and whatever requirements to store and pour your beer from. Stations will only be supplied with ice. Areas will be allocated on a first come first serve basis on the day.
Do you have a table, gazebo or a spare tap you can share? This will help when allocating brewers to stations.
Do you need a pourer on the day, shelter or a table? If you plan to dispense by tap please ensure you secure your system.
We'll do our best to pair you off with the most suitable people so include info like where you're coming from and how long you'll need to stay. This is the first time we're trying this so please bear with us while we figure it out.
We need your help to promote the event so please have an image ready. I'll let you know how and when to send it when I'm ready.
Help us promote you and your beer on the socials by letting us know a bit about you. It can be anything like "work as an architect for XXX company" (nice way to promote your business) to "fight over the remote with my 3 kids".